Boar Bristle Hair Brush For Women & Men


Frustrated with your untamed and wiry hair? You are not alone. Each day, countless men and women fight a constant battle against hair frizz. This can take up several minutes of your precious time and may even cause you to arrive late for work or miss the bus. Our boar bristle brush works by evenly spreading hair oil from the roots to the tip of each strand – moisturizing and nourishing your hair to prevent frizz and dryness.

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Having overactive sebaceous glands that produce excessive amounts of sebum is the primary cause of greasy hair. While sebum is needed for keeping your hair healthy, smooth and moisturized, too much can make your hair look wet, oily and unhygienic. Instead of relying on products that just weigh down your hair, just use our boar bristle hair brush to distribute sebum through individual hair strands. This will prevent oil build up and strip away excess scalp oil.

Brushing your hair with boar bristles massages the scalp and stimulates blood flow.


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