Empress Foot Massager OGM-2021A


Function characteristic:

1. Heat automatically

2. Shake massage

3. Magnetotherapy health care

4. Gas wave oxygenation

5. Infrared physiotherapy

6.Ball massage



  • High quality.
  • Solid construction, non-toxic, durable to use
  • Electric foot massager, comfortable, energy and time saving
  • With comfortable bubble and roller to massage acupuncture points
  • Soothes your fatigue, promotes blood circulation, enhances physique
  • Nice bucket to bring you a fantastic massage experience, enjoy the foot spa.

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Pamper tired, aching feet with this foot spa and massager from Empress professional . Combining style and performance, this attractive spa unit comes with four  fantastic settings for an ultimate relaxing experience.

Choose from a vibration bubble massage with hydrotherapy jets, a heat only option or a combination of both to relieve tired muscles, tendons and ligaments. In addition to these three settings, there are six reflexology foot massagers, three per foot, to roll your feet across to soothe the soles of your feet. There is also an aromatherapy diffuser section to place essential oils or bath salts, to enjoy comforting scents whilst you unwind.

The innovative design also features thermally insulated walls to retain heat, a minimum and maximum fill line for ease of use.


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