Macadamia Luodais Nut Oil For Hair – 50ml


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Key Features

1. Protect hair to avoid external damage

2. Instantly brightening hair

3. Smoothen hair

4. Give hair shine and texture


100% Pure L’uodais Macadamia Nut Oil For Dry & Undiscined Hair
Unrefined 100% Pure Oil for Hair
Convenient Pump Bottle, Protect hair to avoid external damage, instantly brightens hair, Smoothen hair, gives hair shine and texture.
Extracted from 100% natural argan oil, double oil of Borneo, enriched with super concentrated nut essence + vitamin E, fatty acid, linoleic acid and other precious hair care ingredients, can effectively repair hair, nourish the corneous layer, smooth the hair dry, protect hair from external damage and lighten the hair instantly, smooth hair, give hair luster and texture.
Main ingredients: argan oil, kass oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, honey essence, amino acids, glucose factor, essence, vitamin E, vigor cement, grain hydrolyte
Usage: seventy percent dry hair, apply argan oil, palm rub evenly, besmear in the hair, make hair more shiny and smooth effect
Content: 50 ml


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