Professional Shear Scissors For Hair Care


Made from 100% Japanese 9CR stainless steel hair cutting/thinning scissor, reduce messy hair clutters as no hair gets caught in between its cutting and thinning blades. Will not damage or split hair ends and texturize hair for stylish looks. Quick and fast cutting and thinning, thinning rate 20-30%.

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No snagging, no death grips, no tugging. Durable and lasting for long time if given good protected. Anybody can handle this pair of shears with ease. Equipped with adjustment screw, you can effortlessly fine-tune this scissor to your desire of tension. DIY your hairstyle you like at Home for your Family. With a length of 6.0”,the pair of Scissor is safe and easy to use on men, women, the elderly, children and babies! With a sleek stainless steel and mirror polished texture, our scissor reduces messy hair clutters as no hair gets caught in between its blades, unlike other hair cutting scissors on the market. Also Perfect tool for precise cutting of mustache, beard, eyebrows, hair, sideburns. Control your facial hair in the comfort of your own home and get the professional beard look.


Black Handle, Silver Handle, Gold Handle


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