Wig Steaming Hydrating Deep Conditioning Bag


Wig hydrating deep conditioning bag


PU fabric with premium inner cotton and waterproof silk and plastic, effectively retain moisture; Uniform and exquisite double-layer circular wire, fast heating.


Doing hair film care under normal temperature with our heating caps, effectively absorb the nutrition components of hair film, shorten the hair dyeing time, color will be firm and uniform, repair the damaged hair after perm.


One button control design, user friendly and convenient; fast temperature rise, intelligent temperature control, waterproof liner, bright hat color. Suitable for both home salon, professional and travel use.
Three-level Intelligent Temperature Control: The temperature is freely selected, adjustable from 20-69 Celsius, up to 69 Celsius. When heated, it does not produce a plastic or paste taste.
Adjustable Size: Detachable and smooth zipper design allows for cleaning convenience,pull rope can freely adjust the caps size, suitable for more people to use. Power cord about 1.5 meters long, easy to use.


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