Selecting the right shampoo for your lovely locks may not be an easy choice to make. With hair shampoos, choose the one which suits you the best and completely compliments your hair. For example, if you have dry hair, the best way to wash your hair is using sulfate and parabens free shampoo. Similarly, for colored hair, opt for one that keeps your color intact. In a nutshell if you have a rough, uneven or coarse hair then use a shampoo with moisturizer, for thin hair use volumizing shampoo, so you keep more of the volume you have than these products, they are designed to leave less of residue on your hair, use shampoo with moisturizer for curly hair but choose the one without synthetic ingredients like silicone. Synthetic ingredients in shampoos damage the hair cuticle when used regularly, leaving the hair shaft exposed and potentially damaging your hair permanently.

Dos of shampoo –

  • Choose a shampoo according to your hairstyle
  • Try sticking to one brand or at least to two brands having the same chemical formulation
  • Shampoo at the scalp first then gently rub towards the tip

Don’ts of shampoo –

  • Avoid shampoo with synthetic agents
  • Don’t rinse with hot water

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